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Invoice 1.4

Overview of MobilePay Invoice integration

This document explains how to make a technical integration to the MobilePay Invoice product. The audience for this document is either technical integrators acting on behalf of merchants or merchants creating their own integrations.

OpenID flow

When user clicks on this button, merchant must do back-end call to
"/authorize" endpoint for initiating authentication flow. You need to wait for the response by listening on the redirect URI and get the Authorization Code. Our system will re-direct the merchant back to your system also using the redirect URL.

In short - The flow is described in the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Call /connect/authorize to initiate user login and consent

Step 2: Wait for the response by listening on the redirect URI and get the authorization code

Step 3: Exchange the authorization code for tokens using /connect/token

Step 4: Keep the session alive by using the refresh token

Step 5: Follow Best Practice

Best Practice

OpenID configuration endpoints

Find the configuration links below:

Environment Links
Sandbox Denmark
Production Denmark