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Invoice 1.5 Release Notes

10 november 2021 - Invoicing has become more flexible. These fields are optional:

Also only either InvoiceNumber or PaymentReference must be filled, because it is used in transaction reporting and reconciliation. Other one is optional.

More information in InvoiceDirect and InvoiceLink.

6 may 2021 - Added Sequence number to the callbacks

Sequence number can be used to determine the real order of the invoice events.

Invoice link data is deleted once it expires.

26 january 2021 - Visual design of Invoice PDF changed.

More information in Visual examples

You can now test InvoiceDirect user consent functionality in sandbox

Endpoint was added that can be used to imitate user granting or rejecting consent.

17 september 2020 - Sms notification time updates, for when future payment can’t be processed

Sms notification time is updated from 10:00 UTC to 07:00 UTC (09:00 DK time or 10:00 FI time)

03 september 2020 - Sms notification sending updates, for when future payment can’t be processed

Sms notification to user is sent at 10:00, after two attempts to make payment. If user completes payment manually after second attempt, but before he gets the notification, sms is not sent.

New feature: User consent for InvoiceDirect. Read more about user consent for InvoiceDirect here

Goal of this functionality is for invoice issuer to ask users phone number and consent to receive Invoices directly to MobilePay (InvoiceDirect).

10 august 2020 - Invoice 1.5 released