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MobilePay provides APIs that work together to enable you to collect and manage payments.

For information about the product and details on getting started, testing and certification please visit our Developer Portal

Documentation found here will cover a new set of MobilePay APIs (Payments API, Refunds API, Payment Points API, and Webhooks API which allow developers to implement app payments and will replace the current AppSwitch solution. There is a step-by-step guide which will help you with implementation.

This document does not include a detailed specification of the endpoints, responses, and response codes. This information can be found in the APIs section of the Developer Portal. Look for Payments and Webhooks. They have the following APIs:

  • PaymentPoints API
  • Payments API
  • Refunds API
  • Webhooks API

Same APIs can be found in Sanbox APIs section of the Developer Portal. In it Payments has an extra api for testing purposes:

  • Payments Testing API

If there are problems with documentation or you would like to get started - feel free to contact our developer support.