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Self Certification

NOTE: you will need to be subscribed to the "PoS V10 for Self Certification" API in the MobilePay SandBox Developer Portal, in order to start a self certification.

The certification process changes with MobilePay PoS API v10. For the new API all Major and Minor versions of clients must be certified. MobilePay provides an automatic certification process where it is possible for most integrators to create a fully automated self-certification. The certification concludes with an automated report on how the certification went.

The Self Certification process has four steps: Identification, Selection, Certification and Approval.

NOTE: the bottom of this page contains configuration details for your client. You will need to use our self certification store, merchant and URL.

Identification Step

In the first step the Integrator identifies themselves in the tool. The following information is needed:

Selection Step

In the second step the Integrator selects which major features to certify. There are the following major features in MobilePay PoS API v10:

Certification Step

In the third step the integrator goes through all the different certification cases necessary using their client. In this step it might be necessary to operate the client to go through the different steps of a certification case.

Approval step

In the fourth and final step the Integrator gets a certificate proving that the client is certified. It is now possible for the client to access production.

In general, we urge all integrators to use this tool to do continuous testing. It is a requirement to re-certify when upgrading major or minor versions. We also recommended to use the tool when making new build versions. The tool will never retract a certification from a client version that has already been certified. Retraction of a certification will only be done after an individual evaluation by MobilePay based on input from production.

Configuration details

Please use the following data for configuring your client before commencing self certification.

Self Certification info
Website link
PoS self-certification API base URL
Integrator Authentication API base URL
merchantLocationId 00001
merchantBrandId MPPOSCERT1
VAT number DK 90000028
VAT number FI 90000040