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Subscriptions API Release Notes

Due to restrictions in external systems we added recommendation to keep external_id up to 30 symbols for subscription and one-off payment requests.

We received feature request to include payment_transaction_id for all payments: recurring; one-off; refund. By including the payment_transaction_id, It is easier to conduct reconciliation through the Transaction Reporting API. The payment_transaction_id is visible on the receipt screen. Note, in the technical documentation it is called payment_transaction_id in all API responses with additional property.

Note: this is not a breaking change.

The feature to attach cancel-redirect url to an agreement has been released. If this url is set, users, who want to cancel their agreement, will be redirected to your defined link only if they use MobilePay app version 4.22 or higher.

Sample create agreement request

  "external_id": "AGGR00068",
  "amount": "10",
  "currency": "DKK",
  "description": "Monthly subscription",
  "next_payment_date": "2017-03-09",
  "frequency": 12,
  "links": [
      "rel": "user-redirect",
      "href": ""
      "rel": "success-callback",
      "href": ""
      "rel": "cancel-callback",
      "href": ""
      "rel": "cancel-redirect",
      "href": ""
  "country_code": "DK",
  "plan": "Basic",
  "expiration_timeout_minutes": 5,
  "mobile_phone_number": "4511100118",
  "retention_period_hours": 0,
  "disable_notification_management": false,

In order to updated existing agreements use PATCH /api/providers/{providerId}/{agreementId} endpoint with payload: `

        "value": "",
        "path": "/cancel-redirect",
        "op": "replace"

# New Agreement parameters introduced for Merchants:

New functionality will be available for all users from APP version 4.12.0.

We have deprecated Subscriptions (Mutual SSL) 2.0.11.We are not going to release new functionality to those, who are using Mutual SSL. The features are available for those, who have integrated using OpenID Connect

Add invoice details to subscription payment. Invoices are now available for subscription payments. Merchants can send details, which we will use to generate a PDF and show it to customers in the app. This makes easy for merchants to have invoices available to customers. For technical questions about integrating via OpenID Connect, refer to the Integration docs on the Developer Portal Here. The deadline for migrating to OpenID Connect is 01-01-2020

We are excited to announce Subscriptions Integrator 1.1 that is already available in Sandbox.

ETA in production is December 2018.